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Alan West, the king of useful idiots in the newly hobbled and crippled Republican party was offered support and safe haven by Sue Everhart, chairwoman of the Georgia GOP, (Huffington Post 11/14/12) “I would be glad to have him come back to Georgia and at some point run here,” Everhart told the Journal-Constitution. “I would certainly try to help him because he has done his job. The way he ran his race didn’t in any way interfere with the job he did. He ran as a Republican, a conservative Republican.”
Well If she really wants to help Mr.West (no longer Representative West) she could convince him to concede his campaign for Congress and join the rest us that live on this planet, in this America and not a conservative fantasy world.

But when I really start to think of it. Who better to carry the standard of the GOP then a man who not only creates but lives in his own reality. Like a punch drunk fighter that has hung on too long. Mr West refuses not only to accept a re-count of votes but also the will of the people of Florida. This is not only comical and outrageous but completely Un-American and a violation of his Congressional oath.

I do understand the Right’s love affair with West. An African American, Tea Party loving, race baiting Republican is hard to come by. It’s hard to find someone that will sell out their own citizens and do it with a stylish stupidity that would make Sarah Palin blush. Every racist needs a Black friend. Without someone like West racist GOP members couldn’t utter the age old gem of “I’m not racist but…” In the unblinking, unapologetic manner that you can find any hour of the day on Fox News.

So Alan West serves a really useful purpose. I hope he doesn’t win any more elections anywhere in America but I really wish him well. And I’m hopeful he will take up Sue Everhart’s offer and take his show to Georgia to provide me with more comedy. But this time he will be the butt of the joke and not our democracy.  Any port in a storm I guess.


So if you are reading this after the November 6, 2012 election the you probably are like me and have a warm feeling in the cockles of your heart or even in the sub-cockle area. Or maybe you’re a conservative masochist and if so. Welcome! But it might come as a surprise but I’m really not here to flay you. (Well maybe a tiny bit, but if you’re here then you are obviously into to that kind of kink.)

After Tuesday’s election results the Republican bubble was penetrated by a truth that us liberals have known for quite sometime now. The Republican party has lost touch with, African-Americans, Latinos, women, young Americans, and a good contingent of blue-collar White workers in the Midwest. Pretty much everyone that is not old, White, male and super-rich. The myth of trickle down economics have been put down by a majority of Americans and the GOP doesn’t really have a back up plan beyond the tired carrot and stick of “vote against your own interests and you too can one day be rich like me.”

In my fantasy America this would mean that Democrats would now have the freedom to press their advantage and become more progressive and the Republican party now shell-shocked by election math would now have to appeal to the demographics of the current and future United States. Because I don’t want the GOP do die. I want it to meet Americans needs in exchange for votes. In a perfect union that’s how it would work. But alas, as I listen to and watch the Republican party tear it self apart, I don’t hear anyone calling for a fundamental change in policy or ideas in line with how the majority of Americans think or more importantly vote. I hear things like. “We need to find away to convey our message better to minorities” In English that means. “We need to find a more effective way to lie to people” Have they learned nothing? And this really saddens me. I believe in an America where the more voices in the conversation the better for the American people. The two major political parties should be falling over themselves to better serve the American people in exchange for votes. But as of this post that does not look like the direction of political discourse in the United States.

You know your party is in trouble when Rush Limbaugh is making the most sense of all your spin doctors.

But like clockwork he is back to his old self.

Because Rush, Black and Brown people are not stupid. They can smell a useful idiot a mile away and they stink to high heaven.

So either move to the center or step aside and never win another major election again. I’m pulling for you GOP but I’m sure you’ll disappoint. You have never failed in failing America.

This is from a face book fight I had and I thought my response to being called a “fucking liberal” was good enough to share.

I’m a liberal. No a proud liberal and here is why. If you don’t like the president for policy reasons then fine. But if you call your self a Republican or Right leaning then look at the state of the party. Its been overrun by racists, misogynists, and gay hating clowns. If these are the flag bearers of conservatism and you think that they we’re going to convince more than half of the US to vote for them then you’re living in a dream world. Run those people out and then get back to me if you ever want my vote. Whatever sane message the Right has is drowned out by this noise. but it’s not the noise I’m worried about it’s the policies that affect everyone’s life negatively. That’s what the “U” in United States stands for everyone. To have empathy for people and push for policies that are the right thing to do even when it doesn’t affect me directly. That’s what being a Liberal is all about. No matter what you might hear Rush say or Fox say Liberal is not a dirty word.

UPDATE. So my facebook neo-con and I came to terms and made up and I think we found some common ground. Here was my reply after he agreed with my on the state of the Republican Party.

We can come together on some things. I don’t want people to be penalized for being rich but I don’t want people to use their wealth to exploit people. Mitt Romney is a perfect example of this. He made a lot of money with Bain capital but he is not this great business man that people make him out to be. He made his money by taking advantage of struggling companies and made money no matter if they failed or succeeded. In a classic mafia like bust out scheme. So himself and people like him make money from money and never created one job or had any skin in the game like a real entrepreneur. This is as Un-American as it gets. So how do we separate real entrepreneurs who should be rewarded by the government for innovation and providing opportunity to Americans from people who just engage in rampant usury.

So I think this is a really valid question. How do we separate the future Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world form the future Mitt Romney’s?


Thank you Mitt for showing us one last time how much of a prick you are by not conceding Ohio. You’re a jerk and also bad at math. at this point the President does not need Ohio or Florida to get to 270. If Romney could pick up Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Alaska that only puts him at 266. What an idiot.


So I got a little more clarification on what is going on today. Some Ohio voters were sent absentee ballots by the state without ever requesting them.  The program director for AM 1230 Jeri Tolliver has said over the last couple of months that she was one of the recipients of an unsolicited absentee ballot. When you receive an absentee ballot your name goes on the roll as you already voted so your only recourse is to cast a provisional.  This is why early voting was so important. At this point with a little over two hours left until to polls close can someone tell me why I shouldn’t feel depressed and dejected? Seriously I need it.

So I’m back home charging my phone and got information on three polling places in the Cincinnati area that there have been reports that’s Romney lawyers have been running over and intimidating poll workers and voters into casting a provisional ballot. 4761 Madison Road at the Madisonville Rec center,  The Winton Terrace community Hall at 4848 Winneste Ave and The Bond hill Rec center on 1501 Elizabeth place.  If you are anyone else have had trouble voting there are anywhere else in America please call 1-855-VOTE-199. If I get anything solid or comments from people on the ground you will be sure to hear about it.  GET IN LINE BEFORE 7:30 IN OHIO. DON’T LEAVE. IF YOU ARE ON THE ROLL DON’T ACCEPT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT

Its already happening. I live in Hamilton county Ohio (Cincinnati) and AM 1230 is already reporting people are being forced to take provisional ballots even though they are on the voter rolls. (Click the link and take a listen.) http://thebuzzcincy.com/  I left work early to do what I could do. Ill be going to polling place after polling place today taking pictures and getting video of what the hell is going on down here. Cincinnati is the linchpin of this election. This is breaking my heart but not unexpected.  Please follow me at http://lunchpailleft.com/ for breaking updates.  AND DO NOT FOR ANY REASON NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS TAKE A PROVISIONAL BALLOT IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE ROLL.

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