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So if you are reading this after the November 6, 2012 election the you probably are like me and have a warm feeling in the cockles of your heart or even in the sub-cockle area. Or maybe you’re a conservative masochist and if so. Welcome! But it might come as a surprise but I’m really not here to flay you. (Well maybe a tiny bit, but if you’re here then you are obviously into to that kind of kink.)

After Tuesday’s election results the Republican bubble was penetrated by a truth that us liberals have known for quite sometime now. The Republican party has lost touch with, African-Americans, Latinos, women, young Americans, and a good contingent of blue-collar White workers in the Midwest. Pretty much everyone that is not old, White, male and super-rich. The myth of trickle down economics have been put down by a majority of Americans and the GOP doesn’t really have a back up plan beyond the tired carrot and stick of “vote against your own interests and you too can one day be rich like me.”

In my fantasy America this would mean that Democrats would now have the freedom to press their advantage and become more progressive and the Republican party now shell-shocked by election math would now have to appeal to the demographics of the current and future United States. Because I don’t want the GOP do die. I want it to meet Americans needs in exchange for votes. In a perfect union that’s how it would work. But alas, as I listen to and watch the Republican party tear it self apart, I don’t hear anyone calling for a fundamental change in policy or ideas in line with how the majority of Americans think or more importantly vote. I hear things like. “We need to find away to convey our message better to minorities” In English that means. “We need to find a more effective way to lie to people” Have they learned nothing? And this really saddens me. I believe in an America where the more voices in the conversation the better for the American people. The two major political parties should be falling over themselves to better serve the American people in exchange for votes. But as of this post that does not look like the direction of political discourse in the United States.

You know your party is in trouble when Rush Limbaugh is making the most sense of all your spin doctors.

But like clockwork he is back to his old self.

Because Rush, Black and Brown people are not stupid. They can smell a useful idiot a mile away and they stink to high heaven.

So either move to the center or step aside and never win another major election again. I’m pulling for you GOP but I’m sure you’ll disappoint. You have never failed in failing America.


If there is any silver lining in the black storm cloud that is hurricane Sandy it is that we got to look in to the abyss and imagine what a Romney / Free market inspired disaster effort would look like. Rampant price gouging, an ineffective government. Charities like the Red Cross and Salvation Army pushed to their limits. And too many Americans basic nutrition, sanitation and shelter needs going unmet. In other words hurricane Katrina on steroids.

When you juxtapose Mitt Romney’s statements in the Republican presidential primary, imagery of hurricane Sandy’s impact on the east coast and the American people’s collective memory of the national tragedy that was hurricane Katrina you get a perfect storm of clarity. And Just one more example of how Romney’s overall policies would be incompatible with not only logic but American values in general. The “U” in the United States of America still means united. No matter how much the Right tries to sell you on this rugged individualism fantasy that as you start to peel away the layers looks more predatory then Utopian.

Now what I’m not saying is that every corporation is evil and wicked. But corporations exist to turn a profit. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But that’s where the government steps in. To hopefully do the right thing even when it is unpopular or unprofitable. Sometimes they get it wrong. But we as a people can always hit the “reset” switch in the ballot box and try again. But you will find no such mercy within the confines of a oligopoly run by plutocrats. But if we don’t see the Right and the Tea Party’s free market solution as what it is. No solution at all. Then when the next hurricane hits your only option may be to take your copies of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead (one under each arm) and try and stay afloat.

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