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Dan Savage plugged a tumbler page where gays could thank straight people they know for supporting gay rights.  Check it out . After reading about two dudes getting married and his uncle and grandma, my computer room got all dusty and I had to wipe my eyes a lot. We’re here. We’re straight. We have empathy for other people. We vote. Get used to it.


Above is one of  many links on a subject that absolutely tears me up inside.  Just because I’m African-American I don’t pretend to have my finger on the pulse of religious Black voters or even Black people in general. One of the most subtle forms of racism I hear on almost an every day basis is the idea that there is a so-called “Black community” or “Black leaders”. What that implies is that there is some kind of Black hive mind or group think. And if you could just control the leaders then you can control their followers. And that is exactly what the Republican party has tried to do this election cycle.

I have heard this prevailing low but steady noise throughout this presidential campaign of something to the effect of ” You can’t vote for Obama because he supports gay marriage and that’s sinful.” This has been a thorn in the side of Black media outlets since the President’s statement supporting marriage equality. This completely burns me up to no end. But before I go any further let me preface my upcoming statements with this. If you don’t support gay marriage then that’s okay. You are free to think and speak out however you see fit. This whole progressive, Democrat, liberal thing that we’re apart of pitches a pretty big tent.  Evangelical Christians and Catholics are absolutely invited. I already know this is going to rub some people the wrong way but it needs to be said. So I’ll just say it.

Black people, please stop letting religion and religious leaders put a wedge between you and your own best interests. There I said it. I feel the disappointed looks of a million church ladies with wonderfully decorated hats burning through my skull right now. And I’m not trying to be flippant and I know you mean well but please just hear me out. This strategy of pacification has been used against Black people ever since the first of us survived the middle passage. It’s the idea of enduring whatever injustice done to us here on earth because our reward is in heaven. And now its being used against us again. And some of us are falling for it. I feel like I must clarify again. That even if your religious views don’t line up with the Left think of the alternative. These people don’t have you or the next generation of minorities best interest at heart and they don’t even care about the same issues you do. You have to look no farther than Mitt Romney to see the Republican party will change its positions to whatever is politically expedient  and popular at the time without any concern for the voters  they just left behind to jump whatever bandwagon they think will carry them to Washington.  So when you hear a politician talk of traditional values please examine their policy and see what they actually value by the content of the bills and laws they make.  I for one will fight for justice and equality here on earth and hopefully heaven will take care it self.

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