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GOP: Gone Fishing

The speed at which the Republican party has pivoted off  an embarrassing thrashing and on to not one but two non-scandals is astounding. And shows that the GOP spin doctors are still operating at an incredibly high level of efficiency.

This grasping of straws is a sorry and thinly veiled attempt to tie the President to a wrong doing. With the end goal of impeachment, A result that would be devastating to the conservative cause in Washington and throughout the country, but more on that later.

Let’s take a look at these wannabe scandals  and why they have no legs. First up the Benghazi embassy attack. The claim is that the White House denied help to the embassy when it was under attack. Well besides just being a a flat out lie

“Neither the president nor anyone in the White House denied any requests for assistance in Benghazi,” National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told Yahoo News by email.

is also illogical. According to the White House the only thing in the area was an unarmed drone. Fighters and AC130 gunships were purposed but seen as impractical.

The “basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,” he said during a joint question-and-answer session with Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

To quote the movie The Siege.  ”The Army is a broad sword, not a scalpel.” You can see videos of the kinds of damage either fighter jets or AC130 Gunships can do all over youtube. It’s not exact and it’s not pretty. The collateral damage would have been tremendous.  That’s what being the President is about. Making hard calls when both choices are absolutely fucking terrible.

The second would be the resignation of General Petraeus. The reason he had to go as head of the CIA is because  you can’t be in a position to become a victim of  blackmail. So because of our social norms in the United States adultery is frowned on and could be used against you. Anyone that has done any security work for the government can tell you that they want to know everything about you. Up to and including you credit score. So when you work for the CIA  and you get caught cheating on your wife you’ve gotta go plain and simple.

So with these two non-issues the Right is looking to discredit and ultimately impeach the president for some yet to be discovered wrong doing. But the question you have to ask is. Is that what you really want? Do you want a disgraced Obama that hands the keys over to a President Biden with nothing to lose? If you don’t like the President then you are gonna hate Biden. Say goodbye to the “grand bargain”, and  bullying of the President that Obama allows (Which I can’t stand by the way) to keep the peace. And say hello to an unleashed pit bull that finally gets the keys to the car. Let it go neocon’s, let it go.


So if you are reading this after the November 6, 2012 election the you probably are like me and have a warm feeling in the cockles of your heart or even in the sub-cockle area. Or maybe you’re a conservative masochist and if so. Welcome! But it might come as a surprise but I’m really not here to flay you. (Well maybe a tiny bit, but if you’re here then you are obviously into to that kind of kink.)

After Tuesday’s election results the Republican bubble was penetrated by a truth that us liberals have known for quite sometime now. The Republican party has lost touch with, African-Americans, Latinos, women, young Americans, and a good contingent of blue-collar White workers in the Midwest. Pretty much everyone that is not old, White, male and super-rich. The myth of trickle down economics have been put down by a majority of Americans and the GOP doesn’t really have a back up plan beyond the tired carrot and stick of “vote against your own interests and you too can one day be rich like me.”

In my fantasy America this would mean that Democrats would now have the freedom to press their advantage and become more progressive and the Republican party now shell-shocked by election math would now have to appeal to the demographics of the current and future United States. Because I don’t want the GOP do die. I want it to meet Americans needs in exchange for votes. In a perfect union that’s how it would work. But alas, as I listen to and watch the Republican party tear it self apart, I don’t hear anyone calling for a fundamental change in policy or ideas in line with how the majority of Americans think or more importantly vote. I hear things like. “We need to find away to convey our message better to minorities” In English that means. “We need to find a more effective way to lie to people” Have they learned nothing? And this really saddens me. I believe in an America where the more voices in the conversation the better for the American people. The two major political parties should be falling over themselves to better serve the American people in exchange for votes. But as of this post that does not look like the direction of political discourse in the United States.

You know your party is in trouble when Rush Limbaugh is making the most sense of all your spin doctors.

But like clockwork he is back to his old self.

Because Rush, Black and Brown people are not stupid. They can smell a useful idiot a mile away and they stink to high heaven.

So either move to the center or step aside and never win another major election again. I’m pulling for you GOP but I’m sure you’ll disappoint. You have never failed in failing America.


Oh how the Right loves to eat its own. In a past post. I commented on the “big tent” that is liberalism. http://lunchpailleft.com/2012/11/03/african-american-voters-bamboozled/

But you will find no such inclusion in the Republican party. If you don’t follow lock step with the talking heads at the top echelon of the party then you will be swiftly ostracized, ridiculed and dismissed. No matter what office you hold or your history of defending conservative ideas. If in a moment of weakness you inject logic in to your commentary or show any human empathy and compassion towards other people that might hold the same values as your party then you’re in for a really bad day. Be assured that the Right will train its big guns on you and commence to shelling. The latest victims being Governor Chris Christie and retired general Colin Powell

Governor Christie has been attacked for simply recognizing that President Obama did his job as president in a timely and effective matter. Rush Limbaugh might be the clown that yells the loudest but he gets his marching orders directly from the Republican Party. There is a subtle message that you can hear if you tune your dog whistle. That message is not only attacking the President and the Governor but attacking the federal government and its ability to handle a tragedy. If the government does its job then that hurts the Rights case against “big government”. These people want the government to run ineffectively so they can push their agenda for some kind of unrealistic Ayn Rand utopia. Because of their hatred of America and it core ideals.

Colin Powell is also a target for the Republican hate machine by making a logical case endorsing President Obama for reelection. By doing this he committed the ultimate sin in their eyes. Being a Black Republican convincing people to vote for a Democrat. Black Republicans are so rare and are paraded out at every opportunity as reason for the minority middle and upper class to vote against their own best interests. The role of Black Republicans as useful idiots is so important that the loss of even one is a tragedy.

So whats a party that is so obsessed with racial politics and the southern strategy to do with this turncoat. Call him a racist of course. When you cant beat’um. Project your own worst shortcomings on to them.

At least some in the party are starting to find this unbearable.

So if you align yourself with the Republican party they just put you on notice. Do not question. Do not think for yourself. You walk lock step with us or this will be your fate as well.

Does the dragging of feet on progressive issues by the Democratic party got you down? Do you feel like no one has effectively picked up the baton of freedom fighter after the murder of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King Jr? Who do you look to as a role model when our current crop of politicians and civil rights leaders let you down? Well just do what people have done since the beginning of recorded history and we could tell stories around fires. Look to fiction. No matter if you call them super heroes, role models or tall tales. Also unlike real people you get the added benefit that they will never let you down. These are the top 7  folk heroes for progressives.

#7: John Rambo (First Blood novel and movie) Here is a man who served his country honorably only to have it disrespect him at every opportunity. But his ideals always shone through and he racked up a high body count in the process. The seminal moment of the character is when he is walking through town and told he is not wanted there by the sheriff but goes back anyway. Like Rosa Parks. Like a Rosa Parks that will rip your still beating heart from your chest and show it to you. FOR AMERICA!

#6: Rocky. Now Rocky’s awesomeness does not come from a place strength but from a place of weakness. How he has to overcome his own self-doubt and get out of his own way so he can go the distance with the champ. Everyone can relate to that. Only you can get in the way of your own greatness. I read that on a fortune cookie once.  Also “Rocky” and “Rocky Balboa” are the only movies that can make me cry. They are tears of testosterone.

#5 Jesus. While this may come as a surprise to some to be included on this list and a surprise to others that he is near the bottom. This guy kicked a lot of fat cat ass back in the day. He was a proto-hippy, lobbied for a communist society. And was all about free health care (which he provided himself). The only time he got angry is when tossing the money changers out of the temple on their ear. Wonder what he would think of the usury practices of the New York Stock Exchange?

#4 John Henry. John Henry was a steel driving man. And hero to Blacks, Labor and all Blue collar Americans.  He would not let his job get outsourced without a fight. He laid down his life so that others could earn a decent wage.

#3 Hulk Hogan.  Now let’s get this out-of-the-way now I’m not talking about Terry Bollea. I’m talking about Hulk Hogan the fictional character. His mantra can be wrapped up in his entrance music. “I am a real American. Fight for the rights of every man.” And  ”when you hurt my friends you hurt my pride. I gotta be a man. I can’t let it slide.” If you live your life by those words you will do just fine indeed.

#2: Robocop. Now much like John Henry he fought against corporate greed, outsourcing of jobs and rallied labor unions. All while driving a Ford Taurus. It  does not get much more American than that. Robocop is now getting his very own statue in old Detroit. Very awesome.

#1: Captain America. I could go on all day about Cap. He fought Nazi’s then fought half of the Marvel heroes to stand up for people’s civil rights in the Marvel Civil War series. The Marvel Civil War series was great allegory for the patriot act and it was brave but fitting that the Marvel writers would put The Captain at odds with superhero “registration”.  He died for his beliefs (but was brought back in true comic fashion) He is slow to violence, his only weapon is a shield and is often out gunned and out classed but will never quit while there is a breath in his body.

So remember when your heroes fall or come up short. Don’t be afraid to look to yourself and make up your own.

P.S. How did I forget about Dusty Rhodes “the American Dream” This gets me fired up every time I watch it. I read that people who even knew wresting was staged in the 80′s would come up to Dusty crying because even though the Dusty Rhodes was a fictional character he understood what it was like to be Blue collar in the 1980′s.  I wish politicians talked like this. 

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